One of the key aspects of the Omni-Channel Lab is its active teaching role at the University of Münster. The Lab regularly offers seminars, project seminars and supervises Master and Bachelor theses, allowing students to engage with topics related to Omni-Channel CRM.

  • ST 18 - Bachelor's Project Seminar: Chatbot for the Examination Office

    At the beginning of the summer term 2018, five information systems students started the next project seminar in collaboration with Arvato CRM Solutions. The main goal of the project seminar was to implement a chatbot for the examination office of the school of business and economics at the University of Münster. The developed chatbot provides students with a comfortable way of accessing exam information such as the date, time and location of the exam. Additionally, it allows the examination office to publish exam information more easily. As chatbots represent an upcoming trend in customer service, Arvato is a perfect partner for this collaboration and provides insights and access to tools which help the students achieve their goal. The chatbot utilizes the natural language understanding from IBM Watson and is implemented as an embedded web application.

    To the best of our knowledge, the Unviersity of Münster is the first university to provide such a service to its students. The chatbot is available to all students of the school of business and economics at the University of Münster here: https://pambot.uni-muenster.de/

    For more details on the project, we refer to Arvato's press release: https://crm.arvato.com/en/news-and-press/2018/arvato-crm-chatbot-university-muenster.html

  • WT 17/18 - Master's Project Seminar: Customer Service at Hilti

    Starting in October, eight master students will work together with Hilti on challenges in their global contact center. A unified reporting and omni-channel process optimization in their all-in-one software solution is aim of the project seminar.

  • ST 17 - Bachelor's Project Seminar: Omni-Channel ERP Software Selection

    In cooperation with the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Drillisch, students of the Bachelor's degree of information systems performed a thorough market analysis of ERP software capable of handling omni-channel retailing. A special requirement of the Drillisch AG is their multi-brand strategy, where each brand can be seen as a channel.
  • WT 16/17 - Bachelor’s Project Seminar: Tech-enabled Omni-Channel CRM

    This project seminar, in the Bachelor's program, enabled five students to implement a graphical component that integrates and represents customer information from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, E-Mail and a CRM system.

  • WT 16/17 - Master’s Seminar: Stream Clustering

    This master's seminar comprised six students focusing on stream clustering algorithms. Stream clustering algorithms find patterns and segments in a continuous stream of data. Each student selected one algorithm from the scientific literature and was be asked to implement it and evaluated it empirically. As an example, the algorithms can be used to detect and also track market segments over time. For this reason, the seminar complements our current research on market segmentation.

  • Others

    • Introduction to Information Systems (Bachelor's Lecture, WT18/19)
    • Data Analytics II (Master's Lecture, ST 18)
    • Data Analytics I (Master's Lecture, WT17/18)
    • Introduction to Information Systems (Bachelor's Lecture, WT17/18)
    • Statistical Methods in Retail (Master's Seminar, WT17/18)
    • Data Analytics II (Master's Lecture, ST 17)
    • Data Analytics I (Master's Lecture, WT16/17)
    • Applied Machine Learning (Master's Seminar, WT16/17)
    • Data Analytics II (Master's Lecture, ST 16)