• A reference model for BPO providers in Omni-Channel CRM

    To fully understand and structure the processes behind Omni-Channel CRM, our goal is to develop a reference model that captures its core management, support and operational delivery activities.

    Our initial investigations suggest that a model built upon a ‘house’ could be a pragmatic approach - management processes are situated in the ‘roof’, the primary part of the building is made up of business processes, and support processes provide the foundation, as they are necessary to run the business. Building on the icebricks methodology, the framework and main process level is specified completely, while the customer-facing processes also cover detail process level.

  • Omni-Channel Maturity Model

    Arecent initiative of the lab is the development of a maturity model that assesses omni-channel capabilities of companies. Here, existing expertise in maturity model construction in the ERCIS-network is combined with leverage of Arvato as a CRM provider.
  • Omni-Channel CRM Analytics